Don’t Be a Victim of Road Rage | Freeway Insurance

[ad_1] Jammed highways and traffic gridlocks are the source of much irritation to many drivers, contributing to aggressive driving incidents which can lead to serious accidents, and ultimately, road rage. These incidents can also have an impact on your auto insurance rates and coverage. Understanding Road Rage: Don’t Get Mad, Get Informed Road rage is … Read more

Are You Prepared? Creating the Perfect Roadside Emergency Kit | Freeway Insurance

[ad_1] When traveling long distances by car, it’s important to prepare for emergencies. Packing a roadside survival kit and having reliable car insurance can give you peace of mind and help you handle unexpected situations on the road. If you’re like most people, when traveling halfway across the country by car to visit your friends, … Read more

Is Car Window Etching Necessary? | Freeway Insurance

[ad_1] Is Car Window Etching Necessary? Are you wondering if car window etching is necessary for your vehicle?  Glass etching, a relatively simple process, involves engraving the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto various glass surfaces. This not only aids in tracking your vehicle but also acts as a deterrent against potential theft.  By having … Read more