Real-life Snowbird Travel Medical Insurance Claim Story


For many travellers, heading south for a golfing vacation is the perfect way to unwind. But did you know that if you or your family experience an accident or medical emergency outside of your home province, you won’t be fully covered for medical care? This can be especially expensive in the US, as costs add up quickly.  

So wherever you’re headed, whether it’s to the next province or across the border, consider a comprehensive Emergency Medical Insurance plan—and golf to your heart’s content with peace of mind. Take John’s* recent experience; he discovered the benefits of travel medical insurance for seniors when he injured himself while golfing in Florida. Read his story below. 

Man suffers skull fracture while golfing in Florida

John, a 61-year-old seasoned snowbird, was golfing in Boca Raton with friends when he fell face first out of his golf cart, onto the pavement. He lost consciousness and sustained a large gash to his forehead, prompting his friends to call for an ambulance. 

At the hospital, scans showed multiple facial fractures and a depressed skull fracture that had caused blood clotting in his brain. John immediately underwent surgery and spent 4 days in the hospital. His injuries were so severe that his doctor advised him not to travel for several weeks, to decrease the risk of bleeding in the brain. 

How TuGo’s travel insurance saved John $765,000

Fortunately, John’s adult children convinced him to buy TuGo’s Emergency Medical Insurance before he left. While John’s provincial healthcare only covered $4,742, TuGo covered over $765,000—saving John from significant financial hardship!  

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John’s experience is a prime example of why, wherever you’re headed—whether it’s a golf vacation in the US, or a trip to another province—travel insurance coverage is key. 

Questions about travel coverage for seniors? Leave us a comment below. 

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* Based on actual claim with specific traveller details changed to protect privacy. 


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