Real-life Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance Claim Story


Planning a visit to Canada soon? Wherever you’re headed, being prepared for unexpected situations, like accidents or medical emergencies, is crucial. That’s why—before you travel—covering yourself and/or your family with a comprehensive Visitors to Canada travel insurance is the way to go.  

Here’s a real-life claim story that best demonstrates why it’s essential to have coverage when visiting Canada; recently, Lingyun* discovered the benefits of TuGo’s Visitors to Canada Insurance for himself, when he experienced a medical emergency while staying with family. 

Visitor to Canada suffers gallbladder attack while visiting in Ontario 

46-year-old Lingyun was halfway through his trip visiting family in Ontario when he had a sudden onset of sharp, unrelenting abdominal pain. Concerned, his family took him to a local hospital. A CT scan revealed that he had multiple gallstones, some of which were trapped—and that emergency surgery was required.

How travel insurance saved Lingyun over $18,000

Because Lingyun was a visitor to Canada, he would not have been covered for medical emergencies during his stay. Fortunately, his Canadian family convinced him to get travel insurance before arriving—saving him from being $18,000 out-of-pocket! 

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Accidents do happen and having travel insurance coverage will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip, knowing you’re covered in case of an unexpected accident or medical emergency.  

Wherever in Canada you’re headed, whether it’s to visit family or friends, or experience some of the country’s best tourist destinations, make sure you get the appropriate travel insurance plan for your needs.  

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* Based on actual claim with specific traveller details changed to protect privacy. 


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