Top 5 Emergency Medical Claims: Why You Need Travel Insurance


Even if you’re an avid traveller, it’s easy to think that “unexpected” or “unfortunate” things won’t happen to you on vacation. But believe it or not, even the slightest incident or symptom can lead to an emergency medical claim – even a flu can send you to the hospital! And when you’re exploring the world, the last thing you want to deal with are extra out-of-pocket expenses. To help you understand the importance of travel insurance and the costs associated with the most common emergency medical claims, we’ve included a few real-life examples below. 

Based on the examples above, the next time you’re planning a trip, consider purchasing travel insurance, so you can relax knowing you’ll be covered for any unexpected medical costs while you’re away. And if you’re a frequent cross-border shopper or nomadic traveller, you’ll be happy to know that a Multi-Trip Annual Plan is the most economical way to travel with coverage – just set it and forget it! 

If you’re looking to start a claim, find out how to submit a claim online or by phone.   

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