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Recently, I was part of a four-person team who travelled to Baffin Island, a remote part of Arctic Canada, for a sea kayaking and rock climbing expedition. The four of us are all passionate and committed rock climbers and outdoors people. We all met in Squamish B.C. where we all came for the amazing rock climbing. After years of diligently honing our craft, this past year the four of us decided that we had reached a level of skill and experience that it was time to take our sport to the next level of adventure.  

Adventures to Baffin Island, Arctic Canada

Our 6-week trip to Baffin Island consisted of a few phases—all full of adventure and excitement. First, we flew on a series of smaller and smaller, but still regular commercial flights to the small, remote village of Qikiqtarjuaq. Next, we spent roughly a week making our way south on foot along the frozen arctic ocean, eventually reaching the edge of the sea ice. At this point, we inflated our sea kayaks and cast off into the Arctic Ocean! We paddled for about a week until we reached the Coronation Glacier, a massive valley full of ice that flows down from high mountains directly into the ocean.  

Once we arrived at the glacier, we spent a couple days getting ashore and establishing a base camp on the ice. We spent three weeks at the basecamp exploring the cliffs surrounding the glacier, doing new and unexplored rock climbs, laughing, dancing, and having a great time. After our time had come to an end, we made our way back to the ocean and paddled all the way back to Qikiqtarjuaq, then back home to BC. 

A Day In Our Life on Baffin Island

Why We Chose TuGo 

Travelling in the remote fjords and glaciers of Baffin Island was, at times, pretty stressful. It was really important to have the peace of mind that if any of us had a medical emergency, in such a remote area, we would be taken care of. Due to the types of activities that we took part in, as well as the remote nature of our trip, we chose TuGo.  

Adding Sports & Activities Coverage to our Emergency Medical Insurance plans provided coverage for the kinds of adventure we would be partaking in, particularly rock climbing and mountaineering. Knowing that we were covered, allowed us you to fully enjoy the adventure without worrying about the potentially disastrous consequences of accidents or mishaps, physically and financially. 

Why We Chose TuGo

Why TuGo ​​advised that travel insurance coverage was so essential for our team

We found that working with TuGo made getting a policy a breeze—with responsive customer service, clear information provided in the policy, and an easy-to-use website. We were advised why we needed travel insurance, even for within Canada, as well as reminded to review the policy details, including coverage limits, exclusions, and terms and conditions before we left BC.  

Here are 4 key benefits TuGo advised our expedition team had with our coverage: 

Up to $6,000 for non-medical emergency evacuation from a remote location, including search and rescue services from mountain, sea or other locations. Read more

At the time of hospitalization, up to the policy limit for medical air evacuation for medical air evacuation between medical facilities when the first medical facility is not equipped to provide the required treatment. If medically required, this benefit also includes the cost of a qualified medical attendant and an airline seat upgrade. Read more

​Up to the policy limit for licensed ground, air or sea ambulance (including paramedics). Read more

Up to the policy limit for hospitalization, emergency medical treatment, doctors’ services, private duty nursing, x-rays and lab services and more. Read more 

Preparation is key

When considering extreme adventure activities, whether it be Baffin Island or any other remote and challenging location, it’s essential to be prepared. Extreme adventure activities inherently carry higher risks. Rock climbing, mountaineering, and kayaking in remote and challenging environments, like Baffin Island, can expose travellers to various dangers. Having peace of mind allowed us to have the adventure of a lifetime.  

Are you travelling to a remote destination? Share your plans below! 

Safe and exciting travels ahead,

Noah Besen is known to shine on adventurous traditional rock climbs, big days of mountaineering and all things wild. He is a passionate rock climber and mountaineer with over a decade of experience. Noah works as a mountain guide, a lifestyle which allows him to spend his time in the wild and have transcendent beautiful travels and adventures. 


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